The need for a new or revised website normally coincides with a desire to start or expand your business.

Your programmer team at site4U.ONLINE stands ready to help your business grow step by step, instead of breaking the bank from the outset. Make sure to study our selection of 7 website packages, and get started a.s.a.p. so we can help make your business take off like a rocket!

site4U.ONLINE – one-stop-shop:

TEXT, CODE, DESIGN, SEO … all from one source

Are you a writer? Do you know the right keywords? Do you know how to weave these words into your website text? And are you a programmer who can put them exactly where they need to be, everywhere they need to be – in the visible, and invisible places?

Are you publishing your website to polish your own ego? Or do you intend to communicate? To communicate, you need to publish what your potential visitors want to see – not what you want to see.

Most websites are purchased as empty shells. Clients pay a lot of money, and end up writing, editing, installing all text, images, and media themselves. This is the best method to ruin any chances at good SEO from the outset. The “developers” run a few automatic scripts, upload data packages … and you end up doing the bulk of the work yourself.

Web developers usually want to sell you fancy graphic design, and lots of hours for coding – and actually ask you to bring the text. This approach will not help your website succeed. On the contrary – slow-loading designs, impressively playful, yet unsystematic, disorderly layouts, or non-intuitive navigation often hinder direct access to what your potential website visitors are searching for! Are the two most successful websites in history – google, and facebook – a prodigal of design? And, do people care?

To be successful online, you need to do what your website visitors = future customers want: they want information. They want that information now, because they have a problem to solve. Sometimes they want to buy something, place an order, bring you business – right now. Do them a favor, and build your website to help them with that …

Text, not design is the substance of a website. Select quality images and media need to be presented in an engineered fashion, aligned to the logical flow of information. And all this without information overload.

This is why we develop websites in the following order:

  • KEYWORDS – what is the site about?
  • TEXT – what to say about this subject?
  • STRUCTURED NAVIGATION – what to click to be able to read this?
  • DESIGN & PRESENTATION – where to put the places to click?

Many of our new clients already have a website. We will work with you to salvage what’s good, and upgrade what needs improvement (“Website Makeover” / “Website Conversion”).

New websites are authored and crafted from scratch, so not only you … but your customers can find themselves on your pages!

site4U.ONLINE – unique portfolio of in-house expertise:

  • Coding & development focused on reliability, speed, security, and efficiency
  • Resourceful, straightforward, and effective design solutions
  • Skilled multilingual SEO copywriting, paired with advanced keyword research
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

site4U.ONLINE – fast-track business approach for:


  • Free initial consultation – click “FREE” button to see itemized services
  • A structured approach to web development based on content delivery:


  • Fixed-price website packages with clearly defined parameters, milestone agreements
  • Industry-specific solutions for tourism & hospitality, real estate, finance & consulting, webshops
  • Fixed-price modular upgrades, add-ons, and integrations for speedy deployment
  • EXPRESS service available
  • Free site migration for all website packages, free hosting (1st year, subject to T&C)
  • No on-going contracts required – except hosting (min. 3 years)
  • Programmer on call – just click our CHAT button to see if someone is online
  • Contracts for hosting & domain name registration are always separate
  • Client maintains full domain name ownership at all times

We outsource all graphic design work – feel free to bring your own images!

We accept clients from all over the world.

Payment options:

  • ON-SITE = PayPal, Credit Card
  • ON-SITE = Bitcoin
  • OFF-SITE = GURU “SafePay” escrow (PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer)

To pay off-site using guru, please click the GURU website logo underneath each catalogue item:

To help you with third-party fees, we offer a 7.5% DISCOUNT on the first order placed via guru.

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