FIXED-PRICE SEO SERVICE PACKAGES - for HTML & CSS3 sites, and WordPress sites

It is generally important to execute these SEO_ROCKETS in the numerical sequence provided.

In case of a WordPress site, the respective SEO_ROCKETS specific to WordPress should be implemented before the subsequent, universally applicable SEO_ROCKETS are undertaken. These flat-rate SEO service packages towards the end of the list apply to any type of site - WordPress or HTML5 & CSS3.

The numerical order of SEO_ROCKET catalogue items listed below prescribes implementation first on a "per-site", and then on a "per-page", finally on a "content batch" basis. This system follows the logical order of implementation of these ON-SITE SEO measures on any given website and allows website owners to manage their budget over time while targeting specific pages for promotion.

SEO_ROCKETS for WordPress sites

Implement these packages per site to improve WordPress SEO


Imagine you start a new business ...

  • ... you buy a domain name
  • ... you print this domain name on business cards
  • ... you hand out the business cards








  • X
  • X



SEO_ROCKETS for any website



WordPress is the world's most popular and universal CMS, an abbreviation for "Content Management System".

The WORDPRESS "MySite" website package is designed to get you started with the most powerful CMS, which allows near-infinite expandability of your site both in terms of size and functionalities.

We install the theme (included), a host of functional plugins (included), menu & navigation, approx. 5 (empty) pages, your contact details, and then adapt the design to your preference (font / colors / background).

Once all this is done you are ready to go, to add and edit menus & pages, and publish your text and images to your heart's content.

For anything that requires programmer input, we are always here to help.

You can then ask us to expand and upgrade your website using the function modules we have available for WordPress websites. Most importantly, with the WORDPRESS "MySite" package this can be done at your pace, according to your budget, and as your business evolves.

As such, our WORDPRESS "MySite" website package is a truly budget-conscious, scalable solution that provides you with a solid platform to allow your business to thrive.

This fixed-price website package includes a 1hr interactive Skype session to introduce you to WordPress and help you navigate the WordPress back office dashboard.

If at any time later you decide you do not have time for content management on your WordPress site, call on us to help you with SEO copywriting for fresh and intrigueing website content. Since we built the site, we can help you tweak it, fix it, and maintain or upgrade the site at any time.

WORDPRESS "Business Web"

A full-fledged business website based on the world's most popular and powerful "Open Source" CMS (Content Management System). Includes optimized text content and ON-SITE SEO, to put your online presence on a solid footing, ready for growth.

WORDPRESS "Business Web" is a hands-off approach to get you started online. You will be all buttoned up and ready to go, with the opportunity to change and add content (text, images) at any time.

This full-scale responsive WordPress website package starts with a client interview, and development of a specification.

After client sign-off, progress unfolds swiftly:

  • Advanced keyword research
  • Structuring of information
  • Experienced SEO copywriters get to work in crafting engaging website text copy
  • Navigation elements guide the design process
  • Your images are processed and integrated for maximum functionality, and loading speed

You can follow progress on a password-protected staging site. The site can be live in days, not weeks - assuming your timely input for a maximum of 2 free revision rounds.

Our WORDPRESS "Business Web" is perfect for anyone who means business and wants to get ready for action!

Using a proven combination of mobile WordPress theme and functional plugins, the installation delivers content dynamically and provides the core building blocks for an economically viable and ultra-modern expansion of your website.

Such expansion may focus on sophisticated CRM data collection, a booking engine, a webshop, event calendar, or simply to publish new content efficiently on a regular basis. Our optional (= your choice) structured software update regime can help keep costs under control and protect your site from crashing otherwise potentially caused by automatic updates.

And our proprietary WordPress hack-guard installation helps keep your site safe from the evil designs of unwanted visitors.

Expand your WORDPRESS "Business Web" web presence with additional fixed-price widgets, functions, add-ons, and integrations:

  • Introductory image/text slider
  • Image gallery
  • Youtube video
  • Attractive social media links
  • Social media feed (e.g. facebook timeline, twitter feed)
  • Sophisticated map widget, to lead people right to your doorstep
  • Event calendar
  • Price table
  • Squeeze page modal to engage visitors
  • E-mail contact form with spam protection
  • ... and so much more
WORDPRESS "Conversion"

The starting point for implementing this package is an already existing website.

Your starting point would usually be a WordPress website, probably one that does not yet use a responsive (mobile) theme. But you could order this website package also if your website was originally conceived in another CMS, e.g. Joomla, Drupal, or even if you currently have static HTML, which does not yet use a CMS.

In fact, you may wish to order this website package because you have decided that the most powerful CMS (WordPress) is the best foundation to rebuild and expand your online presence. Because the database-driven dynamic content delivery of this system is best suited for multiple functions (membership site to collect CRM data, booking engine, eCommerce, event calendar etc. etc.).

Your decision-making may likewise be based primarily on the desire to convert your existing WordPress site into a fully mobile/responsive website, so visitors can peruse your content "on the go".

You may also have experimented with one of the many "website builders" out there, such as WIX, Weebly, etc., with predictably unsatisfactory results in terms of SEO, appearance, and functionality.

Important is not what kind of website you are starting from, we need to know where you want to go. This website makeover offer is priced for an average website of 5 pages, and cca. 1500 words of existing text. We will work with you in carrying over images, functions, and also add new text, media, according to your request. Any extra charges for this would be agreed in advance. Additional functions may be added at this time or later.

You may find yourself in any of these scenarios:

  • Your website - WordPress or other - has come of age
  • Your website - WordPress or other - needs to go mobile
  • You are frustrated by the poor SEO performance of "website builders" (WIX, Weebly, etc. ...)
  • You have become tired of paying a programmer for each and every change in the text on your website, and want to try DIY-publishing using WordPress.
  • You want to use your website for eCommerce, a booking engine, or to build a membership site for collecting CRM data ... and you need a cost-effective, scalable foundation to do this.
  • You find that other CMS solutions, like Joomla, or Drupal do not offer the required functionalities you need to grow your business economically.
  • You need a modern responsive website, with database-driven dynamic content delivery best suited for SEO, blogging, and a continuous flow of new content, or new product inventory.

Your site can be migrated to a new domain name, if you wish. Or, you may keep the existing domain name.

For salvaging the situation, the steps to take are as follows:

  • secure your domain name registration
  • decouple your domain name registration from any hosting contract
  • ... thereby placing the domain name under your full and sole control
  • >>> OPTION A: migrate the existing site from your existing hosting/FTP to our hosting
  • >>> OPTION B: copy site contents such as images, media through the front end
  • install all site contents in a new responsive WordPress theme
  • build the new site, with new navigation, and new design - carrying over what's best from the old one
  • add content and features according to your request

If your site is accessible from the front end (i.e. live), we may not even need to access your hosting or FTP. To migrate an existing WordPress site, we should have access to your current hosting's FTP, and cPanel. If all you have is unpublished files, please get in touch and we'll find a solution.

The WORDPRESS "Conversion" package is designed to put your existing online investment on a solid and future-proof footing, and enable you to manage content updates yourself.

Of course you may add any number of our WORDPRESS MODULES, POWER_CHARGES, and SEO_ROCKETS.

If your website only requires a basic set of functions, and you feel you do not need or do not want the on-going software update commitment of a WordPress site, please consider our HTML5_CSS3 "Website Makeover" package.


Please note that OFF-SITE Search Engine Optimization, which involves efforts to generate incoming traffic, will only make sense after any and all ON-SITE SEO efforts have been undertaken. Failure to maintain the sequence 1.) ON-SITE SEO, then 2.) OFF-SITE SEO may lead to search engine penalties, long-term reputational damage to the domain name, and would represent a misallocation of financial resources. The resulting dip in visitor traffic triggered by a misguided SEO approach emphasizing short-term traffic spikes over site integrity can wreak havoc on any business.

Main characteristics:

  • No Content Management System (CMS)
  • No database
  • Static content & media delivery
  • SEO requires skilled programmer
  • Each new functionality requires coding from scratch
  • Expandable, also for basic eCommerce
  • No on-going core software updates needed
  • Programmer needed for any and all changes in text, media, inventory, code
  • See our list of fixed-price modular upgrades, add-ons, and integrations
  • Extremely crash-resilient, not prone to hacking
  • Publish & forget

Main characteristics:

  • Most popular Content Management System (CMS)
  • Database-driven dynamic content & media delivery
  • Extremely powerful SEO functionality built-in
  • Expandable, also for the most demanding applications (database required)
  • Huge depository of plugins for extensions of functionality
  • Proven solutions for eCommerce, Payment Gateway, Booking Engine
  • Powerful solutions for client engagement, CRM data collection, membership sites
  • On-going software update regime required (learn more here)
  • Back-office dashboard access available to client (learning curve inevitable)
  • Client could make basic changes in text, image upload, etc.
  • Client could author & self-publish entire pages, even using "distraction-free writing mode"
  • For eCommerce, client could manage inventory via back-office dashboard
  • Programmer needed for all website code changes, upgrades, software updates
  • We recommend & implement proven theme-plugin combinations
  • See our list of fixed-price modular upgrades, add-ons, and integrations
  • Crashes, and hacking are problems if left unmitigated:
    >>> Solid manual WordPress installation required (avoid automatic scripts)
    >>> Choose themes, functions, add-ons wisely - not by looks, hype, or convenience
    >>> Proprietary WordPress Hack-Guard checklist implemented for each installation